Juneteenth 2018 Theme

Juneteenth 2018 Theme: Allegorically, the relationship between Hickman and Sunraider represents the relationship between white and black America on the cusp of a great change taking place in the nation, the change brought into being first by the Civil Rights movement and later by the Black Power movement. Hickman accepts and loves the son of the woman who brought about the destruction of his family, much as African Americans live peacefully in a country to which they were brought as slaves.
Juneteenth 2018 theme

Juneteenth 2018 Theme

As they re-create the life they lived together, Hickman and Bliss give readers a glimpse of the genius of African American folklore and oratory, particularly pulpit oratory. The sermons they remember and reproclaim embody both an African American rendering of American history and the long tradition of folklore and call-and-response oratory that helped African Americans survive slavery, Jim Crow, and discrimination. It is no wonder that Bliss is overwhelmed by the power of the cultural traditions he discovers. The tragedy is that he does what Americans have done for years to African Americans and their culture: He uses those traditions for his own selfish ends without acknowledging the gift they represent.

Juneteenth 2018 Theme

The title of the novel comes from a little-known celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation that takes place on June 19. In 1863, slaves in Texas did not hear about Abraham Lincoln’s proclamation freeing them. They learned of it only when Union troops landed in Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865. “June nineteenth” eventually came to be referred to as “Juneteenth,” and annual celebrations of emancipation were held on that date. Ellison’s point seems to be that true liberation will come to all Americans only when white Americans recognize that their freedom is tied to freeing those who have lived “unfree” in their midst.
A hundred and fifty-one years ago, on June 19, 1865, U.S. forces landed at Galveston, Texas, bringing about the end of slavery in one of the Confederacy’s last strongholds. Upon assuming control of the port, Major General Gordon Granger of the U.S. Army issued an order declaring that “The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free.” In following years, blacks in Texas turned the anniversary of Granger’s declaration into a holiday known as “Juneteenth.” Yet even though June 19 marks one of the most important events in American history—the conclusion of two and a half centuries of racialized slavery—Juneteenth has yet to become a national holiday. The time has come to recognize that it represents no less than our second independence day. As such, it should be honored with a federal holiday designed to encourage Americans to reflect on slavery’s legacies and the challenges involved in creating a real and enduring freedom for all.

Juneteenth 2018 Theme

Juneteenth 2018 theme
Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation two and a half years before Granger’s landing, but Texas’s remoteness from the main theaters of the Civil War left the enslavement of African Americans all but untouched in the Lone Star State. Indeed, if anything, slavery had grown more entrenched in Texas during the conflict. Slave owners from other parts of the Confederacy brought their enslaved African Americans to the state to prevent them from escaping to Union lines, causing the number of slaves in Texas to surge to a quarter of a million.

Juneteenth 2018 Theme

Freeing these people, the U.S. soon discovered, took more than proclamations. Four months after Granger issued his order at Galveston, his successor, Brigadier General Edgar M. Gregory, found it necessary to restate that African Americans were no longer to be kept in bondage. Even so, actual emancipation did not occur until U.S. military forces fanned out across Texas and enforced the policy on a plantation-by-plantation basis.
Much like the Emancipation Proclamation before it, Granger’s order left the meaning of freedom tantalizingly undefined. Were former slaves to remain, as some white politicians in Texas maintained, “‘hewers of wood and drawers of water,’” confined to a quasi-liberty in which they were allowed only the most basic of rights? Or would they be full-fledged citizens, able to vote, hold political office, and testify against whites in a court of law?
While federal authorities pondered the ex-slaves’ status, the all-white Texas legislature responded by passing a restrictive Black Code in 1866. Drawing on long-standing images of African Americans as indolent and prone to crime—stereotypes that flowed directly out of the antebellum pro-slavery defense—Texas forbid blacks from voting, attending public schools, or homesteading on public lands. Other measures established apprenticeship and vagrancy programs that approximated slavery in all but name.

Juneteenth 2018 Theme

It was against this backdrop of bitter white resistance to slavery’s end that Juneteenth took shape, laying bare African American aspirations for a more tangible form of freedom. The passage of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments in 1868 and 1870, combined with the presence of U.S. troops, did overturn the Black Codes and allow a brief flowering of black political life, during which some thirty-nine African Americans were elected to the Texas legislature. But once the U.S. Army withdrew in the 1870s, white Texans wrestled back political control of the state and erected a thicket of Jim Crow regulations that constricted the lives and livelihoods of African Americans throughout the Lone Star State—an erosion of blacks’ hard-won freedom that mirrored changes going on throughout the former Confederacy.
The failure of Reconstruction and the rise of Jim Crow inhibited generations of Americans from engaging in a full reckoning with slavery and its aftermath. Remarkably, it is only now, more than a century and a half after slavery’s demise, that we are witnessing some of the first efforts to grapple with such basic questions as the appropriateness of flying the Confederate flag or naming schools and other institutions after slave owners.

Juneteenth 2018 Theme

As late as these discussions have been in arriving, they represent only a first step. In the end, after all, changing names on buildings or bringing down the Confederate flag are largely symbolic gestures. Symbols are important—they publically delineate the boundaries of belonging and exclusion in a community—but there are also lasting material effects from slavery that deserve our attention. In part because of policing policies that echo the Black Codes of the 1860s, African Americans are nearly six times more likely to be imprisoned than whites. Efforts to deny African Americans land that began after the Civil War helps likewise help explain why black household wealth in 2011 was only six percent of white household wealth.
Making Juneteenth a national holiday would not solve such problems overnight. But it would provide a long-overdue opportunity to celebrate how far we have come—and to contemplate how far we still have go.

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Juneteenth 2018 theme

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